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Thanks for visiting! This page will help you learn more about me, Wes Hazard, and the different kinds of work that I do.


My Newsletter


The best way to keep up to date and see what I'm thinking about and working on!


WesRecs is my weekly, personally curated, collection of articles, videos, music, etc. that I've found and think you'll love. It includes a lot of social & political commentary about the causes I believe in (I'm hella left) PLUS life updates and cool stuff I'm working on. It comes out every Friday. Subscribe HERE and check the latest issue HERE.


Standup, Storytelling, Presentations, & MCing

On Stage

I'm a standup comic, storyteller, and host performing on stages (or Zoom screens) all over. You can see clips of me doing all of the above HERE. You can take a quick look at:


Words From Me


My humor book Questions For Terrible People was released by Simon & Schuster in 2016 and I write about a lot of random stuff both in my newsletter and on my Medium page.

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